Samples are out!

Raw Culture Sample Bottles

Customermer samples are finally done and distributed.

It feels amazing to see the finished product on the shelf and ready to go! We have come so far to get to this point can not wait to get everyone’s feedback and first impressions.

3 thoughts on “Samples are out!

  1. Ross Gibson says:

    Its the first time I’ve tried kombucha, and I’m pleasantly suprised! After quite a tangy intial hit, the flavour seems to disperse then subsides to leave a long green tea flavour on the rear taste buds – which is a very welcome change from the overly sugared or fake sugared experience from popular soft drinks. After a long day at work, I’d definately reach for a bottle of kombucha instead of a beer for refreshement!

    • Chris Geary says:

      Thanks for the review,
      I have to agree, I find myself reaching for a kombucha over beer these days as well.
      We can’t wait to see what you think of the other flavours!


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