Will “Say Kombucha” Ever Rule The World?

Tropical kombucha
The Original
Hopical Punch
lemondrop and hopical punch
Citra hops kombucha
Tropical kombucha
Raw culture kombucha group

The Camera Geek

Equiped with my trusty Nikon D850 and 105mm f2.8 Nikkor macro lens I set p the lights and set about shooting the classic catalogue images fo rthe website.


I considder myself really lucky to have the skill from such a varied career. Being able to do our own photography has saved the business so much money that we have been able to put to good use developing our kombucha and growing the business.

Product photogrphy is all about showing the products at their absolute best. With these shots, it was important for me to get the reflections just rght and convey the coolrefreshing kombucha in the cans and bottles.

I had a lot of fun trying different setups until i got the results i was looking for.

kombucha with hops
Hopical Punch
mango kombucha
citrus kombucha
kombucha tropical punch
bright zesty lemon
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