Taking five with Raw Culture co-founder Chris Geary

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On a break from kombucha-making, co-founder Chris Geary gives a flavour of his role behind the scenes at Raw Culture.

What part do you play at Raw Culture?

I’m the co-owner and director here at Raw Culture but my role is far from sitting back and watching the magic happen from the distance. I’m involved in all areas of the business from branding to product development and sales to website work – I like to get as hands-on as I can.

What three words do you use to describe the Raw Culture experience

My usual go-to phrase is “soft drinks revolution”, but if I’m describing it in reference to flavour, I’d describe it as a “crisp clear refreshment”.

Do you have a favourite flavour?

Picking one flavour is a really hard choice. I can’t single one out – they’re all my babies!

What has been your best Raw Culture moment (so far)?

Winning Best New Product at the North East Scotland Food & Drink Awards is hands down the best moment for me. For our kombucha to receive that level of recognition from leaders in the food & drink industry is mind-blowing.

What would be the best product placement opportunity for Raw Culture?

If we could arrange for Prince Harry (or should I say former Prince Harry?) to be photographed drinking a can Mangosaurus, that would be pretty cool.

Chris Geary (right) and Ash Keenon (left) with Best New Product award at the North East Scotland Food & Drink Awards 2022.

Raw Culture is Aberdeen’s first commercial kombucha brewery, producing a range of hop-infused kombucha sparkling soft drinks. Visit the about page to explore more of the Raw Culture story and shop the product range online.

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