Taking five with Raw Culture’s Nikki Geary

Nikki Geary Raw Culture

Nikki Geary has been a supportive helping hand behind the scenes at Raw Culture since its inception. With many stories to tell, she shares her highlights so far and gives a look behind the scenes of the business.

What part do you play at Raw Culture?

First and foremost, I’m chief cheerleader here at Raw Culture.

I’m on hand to support Chris and Ash where I can which can be hard as I work full time as a HR Manager and we have our daughter Bree to think about as well.

When I’m free to help out, I act as a sounding board when they want some input. I’ve worked in HR across various industries for over 15 years and can bring a slightly different perspective to things which comes in handy. I also help keep things organised behind the scenes with the occasional bit of administrative support from time to time.

What three words do you use to describe the Raw Culture experience?

Whenever I’m asked this sort of question, the three words that spring to mind are always fresh, passionate and fun.

Do you have a favourite flavour?

It has to be Lemondrop for me – always a perfect refresher.

What has been your best Raw Culture moment (so far)?

I’m incredibly proud of what Chris and Ash have achieved to date. I see how much hard work goes in behind the scenes and when you look at how long the company has been trading and what they have accomplished, it is amazing.

There have been so many key moments but without a doubt, it has to be making it to the final in not just one but two categories at the North East Scotland Food and Drinks Awards. Winning the Best New Product category is such great recognition for all the hard work that’s gone into building the business. I’m still gutted I missed out on the party!  

What would be the best product placement opportunity for Raw Culture?

It would have to be at Disney World. Not only would it be beyond amazing to see Raw Culture kombucha served at the park but me and Bree might just about be able to persuade Chris that we could take Bree on her dream holiday. Bree is a huge fan of “daddy’s booch” and seeing it at her dream destination would make her day!

Chris and Nikki Geary with daughter Bree at Taste of Grampian 2022

Raw Culture is Aberdeen’s first commercial kombucha brewery, producing a range of hop-infused kombucha sparkling soft drinks. Visit the about page to explore more of the Raw Culture story and shop the product range online.

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